Q. What inspired you to write a book about Doubting Thomas?

A.  In Catholic school  whenever I’d  ask embarrassing questions, the nuns would send me to a seat out in the hall.  So soon the doubter Thomas became my favorite disciple.

Q.  How did that affect you as an adult?

A.  When studying the apocryphal Nag Hammadi texts I came upon The Gospel of Thomas, The Acts of Thomas, and The Book of Thomas the Contender. These ancient texts inspired my  writing this Book  of Thomas the Doubter: Uncovering the Hidden Teachings.

Q. So tell us something these hidden texts.  The knowledge you uncovered must have been intriguing.

A. Yes,The  texts were found hidden away from Christian persecutors who were out to destroy all writings they thought were Gnostic.

A. How Gnostic are those ancient texts?   

A. Both The Gospel of Thomas and The Book of Thomas the Contender speak of  finding  the Kingdom and Spirit not just in the heavens–but also within yourself.  However, this knowledge is also in our canonized Scriptures as well  (e.g. see Gen.2:7; Exod. 31:3; Job 32:8; Luke 17:20; 1 Cor. 3:16-17; John 14:16-18)  But emphasizing the Divine within ourselves could keep worshipers from needing the church–-therefore the persecutions. 

Q. Where do the Thomas writings veer most from traditional Christian teachings?

A. The apocryphal Acts of Thomas tells a tale most Christians do not know.  It depicts Thomas acts as an apostle in  India.  I thought this far-fetched until my research revealed an actual tribe in India called “The Christians of St. Thomas”.  They claim the original Thomas to be their founder.  Moreover near India’s eastern coast there is a Mount of St. Thomas, and a Cathedral of St. Thomas which claims his bones. 

Q. So is your book something like a scholarly treatise based on those texts?  

 A. No, I wanted to share this knowledge with all the lay readers; so I managed this material in the form of a story depicting what Thomas himself would have written if a scroll were found with his own testimony to the world. 

Q. It seems you’ve come a long way from that kid sitting out in the hall.  What do you think the nuns would say to you now? 

A. As  matter of fact– As a touch of irony, I sent copies of my own Thomas book as gifts to all  the local convents in my area.  They must have loved it, for I received many gracious letters from them in return.  

Q. So could you tell us a bit more about your inspiration and intrigue in writing about these mysteries? 

A.  I made sure I had the authentic history, culture, geography, clothing, sights, sounds, even the smells of those places and times.  I surrounded myself with the ancient maps and pictures, even the music–until I felt I was virtually there and actually channeling Thomas’ voice through the scroll.

Q. How is the book now available?

A.  It’s available now in its second edition in paperback, hard cover, and Kindle. 


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